What Is Mountain Breeze?

Mountain Breeze is a solution for getting fresh breath by any individual. It comprises of fresh breath strips in various flavours that dissolve instantly once placed in the mouth. Mountain Breeze provides :-

  • Oral hygiene.
  • Kills germs.
  • Keeps mouth healthy.
  • Cleanse mouth odour –provides fresh breath.

Are Mountain Breeze Strips Sugar-Free?

Yes, Mountain Breeze is completely sugar-free.

How Many Strips Are Safe To Consume In A Day? 

There is no limitation in the number of strips taken in a day. You can take as many strips as needed.

What Are The Various Packings Available?

  • Pouch with 3 strips of Rs 5/- (Only for domestic market)
  • Cassette with 7 strips of Rs 10/-
  • Cassette with 16 strips for Rs 25/-
  • Cassette with 24 strips for Rs 40/-

Where Can I Buy Mountain Breeze?

Mountain Breeze is available with Pharmacy stores, General stores or Multi Brand Retail stores. It is also available on online stores.

Does Mountain Breeze Come In Different Flavours? 

Currently Mountain Breeze comes with fresh Mint flavour. In future many exciting flavours will be introduced like Orange, Elaichi (Cardamom) and Bubble Burst.

Is It Safe To Consume?

Mountain Breeze is 100% safe. It does not cause any harm.

What Is Meant By Fresh Breath Strips?

Fresh breath strips are an innovative formulation, which provides instant freshness within seconds. All you have to do is take the strip of Mountain Breeze, place it in mouth and allow it to melt. Mountain Breeze will provide Fresh and Clean breath like a mouth wash.

How Is Mountain Breeze Superior?

  • Mountain Breeze is a unique oral hygiene fresh breath strip.
  • Mountain Breeze comes in various handy and attractive packagings that are easy to carry
  • Mountain Breeze comes with unique Orally Disintegrating Strip (ODS) technology.
  • Mountain Breeze melts in seconds and hence provides freshness instantly.
  • Mountain Breeze has menthol and other ingredients that are instant mouth fresheners.
  • Mountain Breeze kills bacteria and keeps mouth clean.
  • Mountain Breeze provides instant long lasting fresh and clean breath.
  • Mountain Breeze comes in convenient pouch and trendy cassette packing.
  • Mountain Breeze is easy to use – anytime, anywhere.
  • Mountain Breeze is Sugar free and safe for Diabetic patients.

How is Mountain Breeze better Than A Conventional Mouth Freshener?

Routine options like chewing gums, Sprays, lozenges etc., are only flavoring agents. They do not provide long lasting freshness effect. Also, they are difficult to carry, use and dispose. While chewing gums are not allowed to be carried inside places like Cinema Halls etc.

How To Use Mountain Breeze?

All you have to do is take the strip from the pouch or the cassette, place it on the tongue and allow it to melt and enjoy the instant freshness.

Is There Any Good Or Bad Time To Consume The Mint Strips?

Mountain Breeze can be taken anytime anywhere at your convenience for instant mouth freshness. Either before any fresh conversation or after spicy food, take it to feel socially confident without worrying about bad breath.

Can Mountain Breeze Be Used As A Substitute For Chewing Gums?

Yes, you can very well use Mountain Breeze instead of your routine mouth fresheners. In addition, Mountain Breeze helps you to maintain oral hygiene throughout the day. While chewing gum is not easy to dispose after use, Mountain Breeze doesn’t give you that worry!

Will Mountain Breeze Be Effective For A Person Suffering With Bad Breath Due To Reasons Like Gum Problems, Intestinal Ulcers, Constipation Etc?

Yes, Mountain Breeze can provide Fresh and Clean breath for some time. But the person should should see a doctor for permanent relief.

Does It Match International Standards?

Yes, Mountain Breeze matches all International Standards

Does Mountain Breeze Come Under GCC Countries’ Certification?

Yes, It Comes Under The GCC Countries certification

Does Mountain Breeze Come Under Pharma Or Food Category?

Mountain Breeze Comes Under Food Category and It has FSSAI certificate.

Any Tips For Dental Care?

  • Brush and Floss Twice a Day. While you should brush at least once a day, twice a day is best!
  • Clean your mouth with water properly after every meal so that food particles are not left behind.
  • Drink Lots of water
  • Avoid Sugary and Cheeesy Foods that tend to stick to the corners of the mouth
  • Get Regular Calcium in your food intake in form of milk, cottage cheese, eggs or pulses.
  • See A Dentist Every 6 Months!

What Is Mouth Odour and What Are The Major Reasons That Cause It?

Mouth odour can be any unpleasant smell that comes from the mouth. In most cases, Mouth odour is caused by

  • Eating strong flavored foods, such as onions, garlic etc
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Food particles in the mouth that are left behind after meals.